A comprehensive guide to EGG ALTERNATIVES (and how to use them!)

It doesn’t matter if you eat eggs or you’re vegan, these 13 egg alternatives will make your cooking much more interesting and add new flavours to you repertoire.
And they are all as easy to find and affordable as eggs!


Do you dream of growing your own food but live in a small space with no garden?
No problem! Luckily lots of herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetables can be grown indoors in small spaces.


Fair trade has become one of those ‘good’ words associated to food, much like organic or local. But, just like those, most of us don’t really understand what fair trade really means. It is usually seen as a beneficial thing, even something we should prioritise when shopping, but what is it exactly? Should we buy fair trade? And, which products can you buy fair trade?

BRINING: why and how

If you think brining is only for your Christmas turkey, think again!
Brining is a very easy way to make the most out of cheaper cuts of meat and even make fish and vegetables taste better. And cheese? You might be surprised to hear that cheese can also be brined!
With this guide you can learn how to become a brining master step-by-step.