120 SELF-CARE IDEAS for everyone

Self-care is incredibly important. You can’t do anything properly if you are not in a good state of mind and have a healthy body. However, not everyone’s self-care routines look the same. What works for someone else might not work for you.

This list is just a way to get you started with some ideas. Remember, some might be great for you, and some might not work.

  1. Add a whimsical decoration to a room
  2. Art journal
  3. At-home spa session
  4. Bake
  5. Book a doctor or therapist appointment
  6. Bullet journal
  7. Buy a small affordable luxury
  8. Buy healthy groceries
  9. Call a friend
  10. Clean and organise your email
  11. Clean your fridge
  12. Clean your pantry
  13. Cook
  14. Craft
  15. Create a playlist
  16. Dance
  17. Daydream
  18. Do a brain dump
  19. Do a crossword
  20. Do daily lines
  21. Do some colouring
  22. Doodle
  23. Do some form of exercise
  24. Do some gardening
  25. Do yoga
  26. Draw
  27. Dress up
  28. Fix something that is broken
  29. Get a haircut
  30. Get a mani pedi
  31. Go for a bike ride
  32. Get rid of old underwear
  33. Go hiking
  34. Go running
  35. Go swimming
  36. Go to a class or workshop
  37. Go to a comedy club
  38. Go to a fancy restaurant on your own
  39. Go to a gig or concert
  40. Go to a play
  41. Go to bed early
  42. Go to church/temple
  43. Go to the cinema
  44. Go to the farmer’s market
  45. Go to the gym
  46. Have a bath
  47. Have a hot cup of tea
  48. Have a leisurely breakfast
  49. Have a massage
  50. Have a nap
  51. Have a picnic
  52. Journal
  53. Learn a new skill
  54. Light a candle or incense
  55. Lift weights
  56. Listen to an audiobook
  57. Listen to a podcast
  58. Listen to music
  59. Listen to nature sounds
  60. Make a bucket list
  61. Make a fancy cup of coffee
  62. Make a flower bouquet
  63. Make a healthy meal
  64. Make a vision board
  65. Make your bed
  66. Meditate
  67. Meet a friend
  68. Open the windows
  69. Organise your computer
  70. Organise your paperwork
  71. Paint
  72. People watch
  73. Pet an animal
  74. Play a game
  75. Play an instrument (learn if you don’t know)
  76. Play a video game
  77. Plan your wardrobe for the week
  78. Play with a child
  79. Practice active breathing
  80. Pray
  81. Put on a facemask
  82. Read a blog
  83. Read a book
  84. Read a book from your childhood
  85. Read a magazine
  86. Relax next to a body of water
  87. Sit in the sun
  88. Sit outdoors
  89. Skip alcohol and have a virgin cocktail or fruit juice
  90. Sleep in
  91. Spend 15 minutes tidying up clutter
  92. Spend 5 minutes writing a stream of consciousness
  93. Stargaze
  94. Stretch your body
  95. Take a shower
  96. Take short hourly breaks
  97. Tidy up an area of your house that bothers you
  98. Tidy up the bathroom
  99. Tidy up the kitchen
  100. Tidy up your junk drawer
  101. Try a new activity
  102. Turn your phone off
  103. Unfollow negative accounts or people on social media
  104. Visit a museum 
  105. Visit an art gallery
  106. Visit your local park
  107. Volunteer
  108. Walk without a destination
  109. Wash your clothes
  110. Wash your hair
  111. Watch a funny film
  112. Watch the clouds
  113. Watch the sunrise or sunset
  114. Watch a show from your childhood
  115. Work on a jigsaw puzzle
  116. Write a budget
  117. Write a letter forgiving someone (you don’t have to send it)
  118. Write a list of people you’re grateful for
  119. Write a list of things you’re grateful for
  120. Write a poem (try a haiku if you’ve never done it before)