All about oats: kinds, health, uses, storage, recipes, & folklore

Oats seem to come in and out of fashion and we are now living one of the ‘in’ periods.
The great benefit of this is that ingredients usually become more easily available and more varieties pop-up. The negative side is that prices tend to go up. Luckily oats seem to have mostly avoided the price hike and only benefited from the larger variety.
Join me as we delve deep into everything oaty! From healthy protein balls to corn spirits.

Limited palette mixed media art challenge: black, purple, navy blue, bright blue

Over time I have accumulated a variety of art material, mostly of mixed media variety including a lot of fabric and yarn. It’s not a massive stash, it all fits in a box that could be hidden under bed (think large travel bag). Considering that I have to artsy-crafty kids, one of which wants to be an artist, and I crochet and sew, the amount is not that much. But it bothers me. It annoys me that I have so many things that I like that I am not using. Hence this challenge!
If you happen to land here, feel free to join in and share what you’re doing.

What is slow living? And what is it not?

Slow living is a lifestyle that focuses on slowing down. Not in the sense of speed, but in the sense of taking your time to do things instead of rushing around.
The slow living movement has been growing for a while, but the COVID-19 pandemic meant that many people were suddenly forced to reassess their lives and figure out new ways of doing things, what really matters to them, and many ended up discovering alternative ways of living. If you are one of those people: welcome!