Photo collection: lightning

Another photo mini digital scrapbook. I really like these. As with the previous one dedicated to daffodils, these are a simple way to appreciate the little things.

Feel free to use them as inspiration for creating something if you feel inspired to. Otherwise, just enjoy the photos themselves.

Enjoy my little collection of lightning images.

A lightning bolt is only about an inch thick (2 to 3 cm).

Over 3 million lightning flashes take place every day.

A lightning bolt can make the air around it hotter than the sun.

When lightning hits a beach, it melts the sand and creates a stone called fulgurite.

You’ve probably heard that a lightning never strikes the same place twice. This is a myth!

Lightning bolts haves been connected to gods all throughout history. The two best known ones are Zeus and Thor.

Lightning is often used to represent punishment, this can be seen in the expression ‘being struck by a bolt of lightning’ or in religions around the world.

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