Spring Crafts for Kids: Fun and Easy DIY Projects for the Season (That Might Make You Want to Join In!)

Spring is here! The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and the kids are bouncing off the walls. If you’re looking for a way to keep them entertained (and keep your sanity), then it’s time to break out the crafting supplies and get creative. Here are some fun and easy DIY projects that will keep your little ones busy and happy this spring.

  1. Flower Crowns: Let your kids channel their inner flower child with some adorable flower crowns. All you need is some wire, floral tape, and a variety of fake flowers. Simply twist the wire into a circle that fits your child’s head, then start wrapping it with floral tape. Cut the stems off the flowers and start attaching them to the wire using more floral tape. Voila! Your little one will be the belle of the backyard.
  2. Egg Carton Caterpillars: Don’t throw away those empty egg cartons! Turn them into cute and colourful caterpillars. Cut the cups apart and paint them bright colours. Glue googly eyes onto the front of one of the cups and add pipe cleaners for antennae. Then string the cups together with yarn to make a cute and cuddly caterpillar.
  3. Bunny Masks: Get ready for Easter with these adorable bunny masks. All you need is some white paper plates, pink construction paper, and markers. Cut out two ear shapes from the pink paper and glue them onto the top of the plate. Draw a nose and whiskers on the plate, and cut out eye holes. Then use string or elastic to tie the mask onto your child’s head. It’s the perfect accessory for your family’s egg hunt.
  4. Rainbow Mobiles: Bring a little bit of colour to your backyard with these rainbow wind chimes. Cut out shapes of different sizes from colourful construction paper or tissue paper. Glue them onto a piece of string, tying knots between each circle to keep them in place. Then tie the string onto a stick or a hanger and hang it outside. When the wind blows, your kids will love seeing to the beautiful colours.
  5. Grass Heads: Give your kids a little bit of responsibility with these grass heads. All you need is some old tights, grass seed, and soil. Fill the tights with soil and grass seed, tie it off at the top, and decorate the outside with markers and googly eyes. Then place it in a cup or bowl of water and watch the grass grow. Your kids will love taking care of their little green friends.

These spring crafts are not only fun and easy, but they’ll also help you create lasting memories with your kids. Plus, you might just have a little bit of fun yourself! So break out the crafting supplies and get ready to enjoy the season.


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