Embers on the hearth is all about slow living in a realistic way.

A big part of my focus is on food, because that’s an activity that we all take part in, several times per day. But I do also post about other areas of slow living.

Everything on this website and social media is created by me: Cristina. I do online content marketing for a living, so this is basically my job applied to my hobby.

When it comes to food, all the recipes are either my creations or my interpretations of traditional recipes. I always try to offer alternatives and ideas, so feel free to suggest your own in the comments. Just don’t say that your grandma/uncle/neighbour does something in a different way so my version is a fake, because these recipes are my way of doing them and adapting them to whatever season I happen to be in and where I live. I go as much as I can (without becoming Wikipedia) into the history and culture behind traditional dishes, but I could never make them the way people who belong to that culture would, and I would never pretend to.

About the website

Embers on the hearth is updated once a week on Monday, at 7 pm (British time), unless something weird happens!

You can get in touch here if you’d like to leave any private comments or requests.

About me

As of the beginning of 2021, I am 35 and I live in Devon, England. I live in a medium-sized sea city, and I live in the actual city, not the suburbs. I share my life with my husband and two kids (currently 7 and 9).

I was born in Argentina, but have spent a third of my life there, another third in Spain and the last third in the UK, with some short stints in Chile and Norway. I also married a Ghanaian man almost a decade ago. Culturally I consider myself Spanish as that’s where my family is from and where my defining years were spent.

I am a fully qualified primary school teacher specialised in modern foreign languages. However, after some years working in restaurants in front-of-house and management roles I left the comfy waitress shoes for a comfy desk chair and became a social media manager and content creator.

I work with small companies and individuals (mostly artists and owner-run businesses) supporting their social media presence, writing for their blogs, and for some print magazines too. If you would like to talk about that, don’t hesitate to get in touch.