BISCUITS (cookies) & other related recipes: info, tips, and almost 200 recipes

Biscuits and other related recipes - Embers on the hearth

I don’t think I need a big introduction for this one: biscuits, cookies, call them whatever you want. They’re made with flour, usually butter, and they’re always moreish.

And don’t forget crackers! Not exactly biscuits, but similar enough.

Choosing the ingredients

Basic ingredients are all that’s needed to make biscuit-related things. If you want to skip the baking powder that many of these recipes call for, you can use self-raising flour instead of plain flour.

Alternative flours work for everything, however, you may need to change the amount of wet ingredients. If you want to have a go with any non-wheat flours, I suggest looking at a few recipes before baking, to avoid wasting ingredients.

When it comes to eggs, most recipes will take alternatives too. My personal favourite for biscuits and similar bakes is flaxseed.


Called cookies in some parts of the world, and biscuits in others, they are still very easy to identify, no matter what word you use for them: they’re sweet, they’re made with flour, and you bake them.

There are apparently 6 main types of cookies:

  • molded: the kind that you can roll but they are a bit sticky (like peanut butter cookies)
  • dropped: the ones you pop on the baking sheet with a spoon (like chocolate chip cookies)
  • rolled: the kind you can use cookie cutters with (like shortbreads)
  • pressed: these are pressed (as per the name), most often than not used in large factories rather than by homecooks.
  • fridge: the ones you need to chill before cutting
  • bar: baked as a large sheet and cut afterwards, also called a tray bake (like flapjacks or brownies)
  • no bake: the ones you don’t cook, usually they go by the name cookie dough or ‘balls’

I have to admit, I don’t know much about baking cookies, I much more prefer using my oven to bake muffins and bread (I find it a better use of my time, oven space, and energy).

If you’re not the best at baking, or if you want a simple recipe you can experiment with this basic biscuit dough, it is a great starting point, there are even some easy modifications listed at the bottom.

100+ cookie and biscuit recipes

A lot of recipes, I just can’t seem to help myself. I hope you can at least find some inspiration or interesting recipes. All of these are sweet, for savoury recipes scroll all the way down to crackers, and on the way you’ll also find biscuit in a jar ‘recipes’ that I added because they are fun and make good presents.

  1. Alfajores, by BBC goodfood
  2. Amaretti biscuits, by BBC goodfood
  3. Angry biscuits, by BBC goodfood
  4. Anzac biscuits, by BBC goodfood
  5. Avocado-orange cookies, by Hovkonditorn
  6. Basic cookies, by BBC goodfood
  7. Best ever triple ginger cookies with powdered, fresh & candied ginger, by Crosby’s
  8. Best fudgy chocolate brownie cookies, by Cafe Delites
  9. Biscoff flapjacks, by Hovkonditorn
  10. Bourbon biscuits, by BBC goodfood
  11. Brandy snaps, by BBC goodfood
  12. Breton butter biscuits, by cuisinefiend
  13. Briony’s apple cider empire biscuits, by The great British bake off
  14. Brookies, by BBC goodfood
  15. Buttermere biscuits, by the foods of England project
  16. Carrot cake cookies, by BBC goodfood
  17. Cinnamon elephant ear cookies – palmier cookies, by midget Momma
  18. Cinnamon sugar pillow cookies, by Chocolate Covered Katie
  19. Chai-spiced pumpkin cookies, by wife mama foodie
  20. Cherry & coconut Florentines, by BBC goodfood
  21. Chilli chocolate cookies, by BBC goodfood
  22. Chocolate & hazelnut thumbprint cookies, by BBC goodfood
  23. Chocolate & rum cookies, by Hovkonditorn
  24. Chocolate biscuit truffles, by BBC goodfood
  25. Chocolate chip cowboy cookies, by Chocolate Covered Katie
  26. Chocolate turtle cookies, by frugal mom eh!
  27. Christmas crinkle cookies, by BBC goodfood
  28. Classic custard creams biscuits, by foodie quine
  29. Coconut flour cookies, by Chocolate Covered Katie
  30. Coconut snowball cookies (no bake), by The big man’s world
  31. Cornish clotted cream shortbread, by jam and clotted cream
  32. Croquants, by cuisinefiend
  33. Digestive biscuits, by Hovkonditorn
  34. DIY chocolate HobNob biscuits, by top with cinnamon
  35. Double choc peanut butter cookies, by BBC goodfood
  36. Double ginger cookies, by BBC goodfood
  37. Easiest ever biscuits, by BBC goodfood
  38. Edible cookie dough, by BBC goodfood
  39. Egg-free cookies, by BBC goodfood
  40. Empire biscuits, by BBC goodfood
  41. Flourless oatmeal raisin cookies, by Chocolate Covered Katie
  42. Forgotten cookies, by BBC goodfood
  43. Fortune cookies, by BBC goodfood
  44. Freezer biscuits, by BBC goodfood
  45. Fried biscuits – maida egg biscuits, by foodvedam
  46. Fruity flapjack cookies, by BBC goodfood
  47. Gingerbread biscotti, by cuisinefiend
  48. Gingerbread biscuits, by BBC goodfood
  49. Gingerbread cookies, by BBC goodfood
  50. Ginger fairings, by BBC goodfood
  51. Gluten-free icebox cookies, by wife mama foodie
  52. Graham crackers (vegan option), by top with cinnamon
  53. Golden syrup and oat cookies, by jam and clotted cream
  54. Healthy flourless cookie dough sandwich cookies, by The big man’s world
  55. How to decorate cookies with royal icing, by midget Momma
  56. Jello cookies, by frugal mom eh!
  57. Langues du chat biscuits, by Only Crumbs Remain
  58. Lebkuchen, by BBC goodfood
  59. Lusikkaleivat (Finnish spoon biscuits), by BBC goodfood
  60. Macarons basques, by cuisinefiend
  61. Marshmallow cookies, by Hovkonditorn
  62. Mary Berry’s jaffa cakes, by The great British bake off (considered by law a cake, but let’s be honest, they’re biscuits)
  63. Melting moments, by jam and clotted cream
  64. Millionaire’s shortbread, by BBC goodfood
  65. Nanaimo bars, by BBC goodfood
  66. No bake fudge cookies, by The big man’s world
  67. No bake tiramisu cookies, by The big man’s world
  68. Norwegian butter cookies, by BBC goodfood
  69. Nussecken, by The great British bake off
  70. Oat bran cookies, by My Dukan Diet
  71. Oat flour cookies, by The big man’s world
  72. Oatmeal raisin cookies, by BBC goodfood
  73. Oaty hazelnut cookies, by BBC goodfood
  74. One-pot bakery style molasses cookies, by Crosby’s
  75. Orange & ginger stained glass biscuits, by BBC goodfood
  76. Orange carrot cookies, by frugal mom eh!
  77. Oreo cheesecake cookies, by Hovkonditorn
  78. Peanut butter blossoms, by Cafe Delites
  79. Peanut butter cookies, by BBC goodfood
  80. Peanut butter jelly cookies, by BBC goodfood
  81. Peanut butter spelt cookies, by sweetest kitchen
  82. Pear cardamom thumbprints, by Hovkonditorn
  83. ‘Pepparkakor’ ginger biscuits, by ScandiKitchen
  84. Prue Leith’s iced rings, by The great British bake off.
  85. “Raw” peanut butter cookies, by sweetest kitchen
  86. Red velvet cake mix cookies, by midget Momma
  87. Ricciarelli, by Only Crumbs Remain
  88. Serinakaker: Norwegian butter Christmas cookies, by ScandiKitchen
  89. Shortbread in a food processor, by jam and clotted cream
  90. Simple iced biscuits, by BBC goodfood
  91. Simple gingerbread house, by BBC goodfood (with printable template)
  92. S’mores thumbprint cookies, by frugal mom eh!
  93. Snickerdoodles, by BBC goodfood
  94. Snowball cookies, by BBC goodfood
  95. Soft and comforting pumpkin oatmeal cookies, by Crosby’s
  96. Soft cut-out sugar cookies, by wife mama foodie
  97. Soft snickerdoodle cookie, by Cafe Delites
  98. Spice & vanilla jumbles, BBC goodfood
  99. Steven’s amarpressi biscuits, by The great British bake off
  100. Strawberry halva hamantaschen, by BBC goodfood
  101. Sugar cookies, by BBC goodfood
  102. Sugar-dusted wedding cookies, by BBC goodfood
  103. Super healthy grab and go banana breakfast cookies, The cook’s pyjamas
  104. Super easy cornflake cookies, by ChocolateSuzie
  105. Triple chocolate orange pinwheel cookies, by Only Crumbs Remain
  106. Vanilla almond biscotti (Starbucks copycat), by top with cinnamon
  107. Vegan Christmas pinwheel biscuits, by BBC goodfood
  108. Vegan chocolate chip cookies, by BBC goodfood
  109. Vegan cookies & cream brownies, by BBC goodfood
  110. Vegan gingerbread cookies, by BBC goodfood
  111. Vegan girl scout cookies, by The big man’s world
  112. Vegan shortbread cookies, by The big man’s world
  113. Viennese whirls, by BBC goodfood
  114. Vintage chocolate chip cookies, by BBC goodfood
  115. Willhelmina biscuits, by Hovkonditorn

Biscuits in a jar

  1. Apple pie cookie kit, by BBC goodfood
  2. Chewy cranberry choc-nut cookie kit, by BBC goodfood
  3. Christmas biscuits in a jar, by BBC goodfood
  4. Cookies in a jar, by smart party planning
  5. Easter cookies in a jar, by suburban simplicity
  6. Gingerbread cookies in-a-jar, by intimate weddings
  7. Gluten free oatmeal cookie in a jar, by Natural fertility
  8. Healthy chocolate chip cookies in a jar, by Chocolate Covered Katie
  9. Princess cookies in a jar, by frugal mom eh!
  10. Vegan and paleo chocolate chip cookies in a jar, by wife mama foodie


Depending where you live you may call these different things. In the UK, they are scones, and they can be sweet or savoury. In America, they are biscuits and always savoury if round, but they can also be called scones if they are sweet and shaped like triangles. The basic recipe is the same for all of them.

A basic recipe can be embellished with dried fruits, nuts, herbs, spices, or cheese. You can also replace the milk with any non-dairy alternative without needing any adjustments, and you can almost always replace the butter for any other hard fat (ghee, vegan butter, margarine, peanut butter, coconut oil…). Replacing flours could be a bit trickier as it will affect the texture a lot more, and the same can be said for eggs if your recipe calls for them.

30+ scone and biscuit recipes

These are a mix of sweet and savoury recipes, some traditional, some not so much.

  1. 3 ingredient lemonade scones, by Create Bake Make
  2. Apple and cheese scone loaf, by allrecipes UK
  3. Apple scone, by Everyday Cooks
  4. Apricot pecan scone, by sweetie pie and cupcakes
  5. Bakewell tart scones, by BBC goodfood
  6. Blueberry lemons scone, by Busy Creating Memories
  7. Boxing day scones, by BBC goodfood (with gammon or ham and stilton)
  8. Breakfast in a scone, by brown eyed baker
  9. Buttermilk scones, by BBC goodfood
  10. Chai tea mini scone, by Eat Sleep Travel Repeat
  11. Cheddar & sweetcorn scones, by BBC goodfood
  12. Cheese & chutney scones, by BBC goodfood
  13. ‘Cheesy’ vegan scones, by BBC goodfood (with nutritional yeast)
  14. Chile cheese cornbread scone, by good life eats
  15. Chorizo & manchego scones, by BBC goodfood
  16. Classic cheese scones, by BBC goodfood
  17. Easy keto breakfast biscuits, by healthy living how to
  18. Fruit scones, by BBC goodfood
  19. Gluten-free scones, by BBC goodfood
  20. Hot cross scones, by BBC goodfood
  21. Mediterranean scones, by BBC goodfood
  22. Orange-apricot scones, by Hovkonditorn
  23. Parmesan garlic biscuit rolls, cookies & cups
  24. Perfect winter scones, by Lady & Pups
  25. Pumpkin scones the old fashioned way, by Claire K Creations
  26. Quick biscuit mix, by FOOD & WINE
  27. Red Lobster biscuit, by foodfanatic
  28. Salted caramel chocolate chip scone, by home stories A to Z
  29. Super savoury scones, by mindfood
  30. Two ingredient cream biscuit, by add a pinch
  31. Vegan cheesy chive biscuits, by hot for food (with nutritional yeast)
  32. Vegan pumpkin scones with maple glaze, by hot for food (these are so delicious)
  33. Vegan scones, by BBC goodfood
  34. Walnut scones, by BBC goodfood


Making crackers at home is very easy. If you’re new at cooking or have kids around, this is a great recipe to get started in baking and try out new flavour combinations.

The only way you’ll make bad crackers is by burning them, but burning crackers is actually really easy if you’re not paying attention! One minute they’ll be raw, and the next they’ll be inedible charcoal. Just keep a eye on them while in the oven.

Crackers can be made with even the cheapest ingredients (they are great for using up things that aren’t of the best quality), and made special by adding one or two interesting flavours: herbs, spices, nuts, seeds, olives, cheese, sauces, condiments… You can use all your odd leftovers in crackers, I once made crackers with wholemeal flour, sweet chilli sauce and salt only and they were delicious.

Crackers are also great to make when you want to try different flours, but don’t want to commit to a big bake. They don’t need to rise, so gluten is not an issue.

30+ cracker and savoury biscuit recipes

  1. Beetroot and buckwheat crackers, by NIRVANA cakery
  2. Blue cheese and oat biscuits, by cuisinefiend
  3. Buckwheat and rosemary crackers (gluten-free & vegan), by NIRVANA cakery
  4. Caraway oatcakes, by BBC goodfood
  5. Carrot & caraway crackers, by BBC goodfood
  6. Cheese & rosemary biscuits, by BBC goodfood
  7. Cheese & seed crackers, by well nourished
  8. Cheese thyme keto crackers, by sugar free Londoner
  9. Cheesy cayenne savoury biscuits, by BBC goodfood
  10. Cranberry oatcakes, by BBC goodfood
  11. DIY oyster crackers, by serious eats
  12. Easy home made five seed crackers, by Quite Good Food
  13. Easy lavash crackers, by Only Crumbs Remain
  14. Everything bagel flax crackers, by create mindfully
  15. Fig almond flour crackers (gluten free, vegan, paleo), Tasting Page
  16. Homemade butter crackers, by YepRecipes
  17. Homemade pizza crackers, by sneaky veg
  18. Homemade rosemary crackers, by BBC goodfood
  19. Lentil crackers, by Simple, Easy, Frugal
  20. Manchego & chorizo melting biscuits, by BBC goodfood
  21. Oatcakes, by cuisinefiend
  22. Olive and seaweed crackers, by cuisinefiend
  23. Parsnip and thyme grain free crackers (grain-free & vegan), by NIRVANA cakery
  24. Rye & pumpkin seed crackers, by BBC goodfood
  25. Savoury veggie crackers, by well nourished
  26. Scottish oatcakes, by BBC goodfood
  27. Sea salt water biscuits, by BBC goodfood
  28. Seeded oatcakes, by cuisinefiend
  29. Sorghum sage crackers (gluten-free & vegan), by NIRVANA cakery
  30. Sourdough crackers, by i am homesteader
  31. Spelt flour crackers, by chew town
  32. Spiced Indian crackers (mathri), by BBC goodfood
  33. Spicy chickpea crackers, by Healthy mama info
  34. Sweet potato paleo cracker, by a saucy kitchen
  35. Vegan spinach & sesame crackers, by elephantastic vegan
  36. Zucchini walnut crackers, by create mindfully