Do you dream of growing your own food but live in a small space with no garden?
No problem! Luckily lots of herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetables can be grown indoors in small spaces.


Fair trade has become one of those ‘good’ words associated to food, much like organic or local. But, just like those, most of us don’t really understand what fair trade really means. It is usually seen as a beneficial thing, even something we should prioritise when shopping, but what is it exactly? Should we buy fair trade? And, which products can you buy fair trade?

What is SLOW LIVING? And why should I even care?

Slow living is a lifestyle that focuses on slowing down. Not in the sense of speed, but in the sense of taking your time to do things instead of rushing around.
The slow living movement has been growing for a while, but the pandemic we are going through has meant that many people have suddenly had to reassess their lives, figure out what really matters, and many have ended up discovering alternative ways of living.
If you are one of those people: welcome!