Eating and cooking in AUTUMN

Eating and cooking in Autumn - Embers on the hearth

Nights start getting longer and temperatures start dropping. Not yet at the freezing cold of Winter, but the exhausting heat of Summer is also gone.

Personally, Autumn is my favourite season of the year, especially the time just following the Autumn Equinox when the sun is still shining but the days become crispy and fresh.

All about cosiness

Autumn is basic girl season, and I’m here for it! Fluffy socks, pumpkin spice everything, baking pies and stripped wooly hats would be an year-round fixture if I had any say in it. And a lot of people agree with me, otherwise they wouldn’t be considered basic.

This period is all about cosiness and making ourselves comfortable with warming food and drinks. Autumn is the time for flavoured coffees (very easy to DIY with a homemade syrup, if you want to save some money), chai, and hot chocolate.

When it comes to baking, those Winter flavours we’re all looking forward to can slowly start to creep into the kitchen with some warming spices, but use them with a light hand, the weather is not that cold yet. Unless we’re talking pumpkin pie spice, you are allowed to go crazy with that one!

Basic ingredients

If you haven’t seen it yet, you should check my list of 10 basic ingredients. They are easy to adapt for different cuisines, budgets, and seasons.

Autumn is a great opportunity to experiment with flavours you may not have tried yet. Instead of regular onions you could use shallots or leeks, instead of butter or margarine you could use ghee, a nice roasted sesame oil is always a good option, as are nuttier alternatives to regular flour (or even wholemeal flour). Almond or cashew milks are also really nice alternatives to dairy milk to use during Autumn, and if you’re trying to make lighter summer soups a bit heavier you could replace chicken or vegetable stock with beef, lamb, or veal stocks.

Autumn herbs and spices

Autumn is, of course, a transitional period, and that means that food tends to be a random mix of things. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be like that! The herbs and spices connected to Autumn may not be unique to the season, but when combined they provide the flavours we all associate with it.

Seeds are a highlight of Autumn. Those flowering plants of Spring turned into fruits during Summer, and left their seeds behind which can be used by the seasonal cook. During Autumn seeds are at their strongest, so this the best time to use them. One of my favourite spices to use during Autumn is fennel seeds that I forage around my area.

  • allspice: similar appearance to peppercorn, with a very different flavour, which is a combination of other warm spices like cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. Popular in Central and Southern American cuisines.
  • cardamom: fantastic for baking, and a great way to lighten grains.
  • cinnamon: a baking classic (especially in apple and pumpkin pies), but it can also be used with poultry and red meats.
  • coriander seeds: great in curries and stews, can be used whole, cracked or ground (like peppercorns).
  • cumin: very earthy, a little spicy and used in cuisines around the world, a good way to warm up a lighter dish.
  • fennel seeds: very strong aniseed flavour but somewhat fruitier, use with a light hand as it can be overpowering. Works in savoury and sweet recipes.
  • garlic: no explanation needed, use fresh to lighten recipes and roasted to make them more cold-weather friendly.
  • ginger: much like garlic, it can either lighten or warm a dish depending on whether you’re using it fresh or dried.
  • mustard seeds: spicy but not tangy like the condiment (vinegar does that). You can roast them for a deeper flavour or use them as they are for a fresher one.
  • nutmeg: very strong, a little bit goes a very long way. Great for baking, root vegetables, and meat.
  • saffron: earthy and floral, not a flavour loved by everyone and impossible to replace. Great with grains, white meats, and for sweet baking.
  • sesame seeds: a weird mix of sweet, nutty, and bitter, not for everyone. The flavour becomes much stronger and nuttier when roasted.

Herbs are usually more easily available during Spring and Summer, however there are some herbs that shine during this time:

  • lemongrass: very fragrant and somewhat citrusy, great for adding some freshness to heavier dishes, goes particularly well with rice, in dipping sauces and brews a delicious herbal tea.
  • parsley: can be used as a herb or green vegetable (in salads), great for Italian and Middle Eastern foods, it goes well with all sorts of meats.
  • rosemary: works with red meats, in soups and stews, with root vegetables, and in sweet baking (if you’ve never tried them, rosemary shortbreads are delicious).
  • sage: very good with white meats, fish and root vegetables. Better cooked than raw if used fresh, and it can be fried to soften the flavour
  • thyme: somewhat lemony and earthy, it goes with all sorts of meats and root vegetables.

Autumn fruits

Autumn is harvest time, and that means we have a true cornucopia of flavours to enjoy. This is a great time to get started with making jams and sauces to can or freeze, if you didn’t do it during the Summer.

  • apples: available September to March.
  • blackberries: available August to late September or early October (depending on the weather)
  • bananas: available year round.
  • citrus (all varieties): available October to March.
  • cranberries: available October to early January.
  • dates: available October to January.
  • figs: available May to November.
  • grapes: available August to October.
  • kiwis: available November to January.
  • nuts: picked in autumn, but available in winter.
  • pears: available September to January.
  • persimmons: available October to February.
  • plums: available May to October.
  • pomegranates: available October to January.
  • quince: available September to January.

All of these fruits are fantastic when used in baking and work extremely well with the seasonal herbs and spices. If you’re lucky enough to find quince, make sure you prepare some quince jam or curd, both are absolutely delicious!

Autumn vegetables

If you thought the list of seasonal fruits was long, you should get prepared for all the vegetables that Autumn provides!

  • artichokes: available June to November.
  • aubergine/eggplant/garden eggs: available June to November.
  • beets (including greens): available July to January.
  • broccoli: available mostly until November.
  • broccoli rabe/rapini: available August to December.
  • Brussels sprouts: available October to March.
  • cabbages: available year round, some varieties only during winter.
  • cardoon: available September to March.
  • carrots: available June to January.
  • celery: available July to February.
  • celery root/celeriac: available September to April.
  • chard: available July to November.
  • chestnuts: available very late September to January.
  • chicory (all varieties, including radicchio, endive, and escarole): available year round.
  • chillies: available March to October.
  • edamame: available August to November
  • fennel: available June to October.
  • garlic: available year round, best July to October.
  • green beans: available June to November.
  • Jerusalem artichokes/sunchokes: available October to March.
  • kale: available September to February.
  • kohlrabi: available August to November.
  • leeks: available September to March.
  • lettuce: available May to November.
  • mushrooms: available October to February.
  • okra: available July to October.
  • onions: available year round.
  • parsnips: available September to March.
  • peas: available May to November.
  • peppers: available March to October.
  • potatoes: available year round.
  • radish (including horseradish): available April to January.
  • rocket/arugula: available May to October.
  • summer squash (including courgette/zucchini): available July to early October.
  • swedes/rutabagas/yellow turnips: available October to February.
  • sweet potato: available year round, at their best between October to March.
  • tomatillo: available July to October.
  • tomato: available June to October.
  • turnip (including greens): available October to February.
  • winter squash: available October to March.

This might seems like an odd mix of ingredients, Summery vegetables like lettuces and fennel mixed up with things we usually relate to Winter, like parsnips. This is just par for the course in a transitional season like Autumn (Spring being the other one).

Having this combination allows for a balanced diet that suits the erratic weather patterns that usually come with the Autumnal season.

Harvest celebrations

It should come as no surprise to anyone, that Autumn is the time of the harvest. And while most of us don’t live in farming areas, we still see the effects of this with the larger number of fruits and vegetables that pop up in our local shops (usually at lower prices than usual), and the plethora of harvest-related celebrations that take place around the world.

One of the most popular one world-round is, of course, Halloween. Nowadays, pumpkin and sweets represent what we think about as Halloween foods, but in it’s origins Jack-o-lanterns were carved out of swedes and turnips, and bonfires were lit to use the fire throughout Winter as a form of protection.

And if we’re talking about bonfires, we have to mention Bonfire Night or the 5th of November, the night when the skies of Great Britain become lit with fireworks. Some common treats during this night are staples of bonfire cooking: marshmallows, sausages, and roast potatoes. If, you’ve never had it, I very much recommend parkin, a spiced cake traditionally prepared for Bonfire Night.

Last, but not least, we have Thanksgiving. Not too many countries celebrate it, but for those that do it is an extremely important day. The best known of these celebrations is without a doubt the one held on the 4th Thursday of November by the US. The star of the day is the Thanksgiving dinner, spearheaded by a large turkey (enough to provide leftovers) with many side dishes and sweets featuring potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, pumpkin, corn, cranberry, carrots (or parsnips), Brussels sprouts, apples and nuts (particularly walnuts and pecans).

Pick-your-own farms

Autumn is a great time to visit a pick-your-own farm if you have any around. The weather is not too cold and not too hot either, and autumn is when the main harvest of the year takes place.

The two most popular option are without a doubt apples and pumpkin, but there are a lot of fruits and vegetables that can be found in pick-your-own farms. Elderberries, pears, plums and with some luck the last of the strawberries and raspberries can all be found during autumn. As for vegetables, onions, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbages and mushrooms are some of the most popular. And if you’re not scared of some dirt and mud, potatoes and sweet potatoes are always options too.

Autumn recipes from around the web

Loads of recipes! Mostly apples, butternut squash, mushrooms, and pumpkin. But plenty other Autumn produce too.

I listed a lot of recipes, because the way I personally use them is as inspiration rather than actual instructions, and all of these I found interesting. Expect this list to grow as I discover new websites and blogs, luckily the internet is full of creative people who come up with amazing ideas and share them.

  1. 5-ingredient pumpkin ice cream pie, wby two peas & their pod
  2. A bit of the Irish stew with crusted dumplings, by Delia online
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  4. A flapjack recipes with apple, oats & pecans, by house & garden
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  6. Anjou pear cake, by BBC goodfood
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  9. Apple and almond crumble, by Delia online
  10. Apple and beetroot cake, by Riverford
  11. Apple & blackberry jam, by BBC goodfood
  12. Apple and cinnamon crumble cake, by delicious.
  13. Apple and nut baked brie, by allrecipes
  14. Apple and oat muffins, by River Cottage
  15. Apple and pear tart, by The Guardian (Tamal Ray)
  16. Apple and plum cake with rum caramel sauce, by BBC FOOD
  17. Appleberry pie, by Jamie Oliver
  18. Apple charlotte, by BBC FOOD
  19. Apple cheddar biscuits, by two peas & their pod
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  26. Apple cranberry pie, by two peas & their pod
  27. Apple cupcakes, by Goodto
  28. Apple flapjack bites, by Morrisons
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  30. Apple, pear and ginger smoothie, by Riverford
  31. Apple, pear and peanut butter crumble, by Riverford
  32. Apple pie, by Sainsbury’s
  33. Apple sandwich cake, by BBC FOOD
  34. Applesauce spice bars, by two peas & their pod
  35. Apple scones with blackberry compote, by BBC goodfood
  36. Apple snow, by River Cottage
  37. Apple sorbet, by allrecipes (with Calvados)
  38. Apple, stout and cheese soda bread, by River Cottage
  39. Apple turnovers, by The Chunky Chef
  40. Appley Chelsea buns, by River Cottage
  41. Apple walnut quinoa salad, by two peas & their pod
  42. Aromatic butternut and mushroom tagine, by Knorr
  43. Aromatic leeks, butterbeans & cime di rapa, by Riverford
  44. Austrian plum dumplings, by allrecipes
  45. Autumnal veggies curry, by Sainsbury’s
  46. Autumn cheesecake, by allrecipes
  47. Autumn coleslaw, by BBC goodfood
  48. Autumn crumble cocktail, by Jamie Oliver
  49. Autumn fruit and nut crumble, by Sainsbury’s
  50. Autumn fruit relish, by Goodto
  51. Autumn vegetable soup with cheese toasts, by BBC goodfood
  52. Bacon & butternut couscous risotto, by MiNDFOOD
  53. Baked apple meringues with orange-soaked raisins, by Delia online
  54. Baked apple sauce, by Goodto
  55. Baked fruity autumn pudding, by BBC goodfood
  56. Baked peanut butter apple oatmeal, by two peas & their pod
  57. Baked stuffed apples, by Morrisons
  58. Barbecue chicken with fennel and celeriac slaw, by Sainsbury’s
  59. Beetroot and goat’s cheese tart, by Goodto
  60. Beetroot and rocket salad with orange and walnuts, by Riverford
  61. Beetroot and walnut hummus, by River Cottage
  62. Beetroot dressing, by Riverford
  63. Beetroot salad with lentils and feta, by Riverford
  64. Beetroot soup with goat’s cheese croutons, by Goodto
  65. Beetroot tarte tatin, by River Cottage
  66. Beet the blues smoothie, by Morrisons
  67. Best-ever cranberry & pistachio nut roast, by Jamie Oliver
  68. Best-ever pumpkin ravioli, by delish
  69. Blackberry and pear cobbler, by Goodto
  70. Black kale caesar salad with anchovy, lemon and croutons, by house & garden
  71. Borsch, by house & garden
  72. Braised red cabbage, by Riverford
  73. Braised red cabbage with apples, by BBC FOOD
  74. Braised stuffed cabbage, by BBC goodfood
  75. Bramley & walnut chutney, by BBC goodfood
  76. Bread and butter pudding with apple, cinnamon and raisin, by house & garden
  77. Brilliant bonfire night recipes (crunchy maple toffee apples, bonfire baguettes, puff pastry Catherine wheels), by Country Living
  78. Blood orange Halloween pumpkin pie, by BBC FOOD
  79. Brined roasted pumpkin seeds, by coley cooks
  80. Broccoli and sweet potato curry with cashews and quinoa, by Riverford
  81. Brown butter colcannon, by BBC FOOD
  82. Brown butter pasta with sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts, by two peas & their pods
  83. Brown butter pumpkin waffles, by two peas & their pod
  84. Brussels sprout pomegranate citrus salad, by two peas & their pod
  85. Brussels sprouts gratin, by Ther Chunky Chef
  86. Brussels sprouts with toasted hazelnut butter, by The Chunky Chef
  87. Butternut and sage frittata with a leek, caper and lemon salad, by Riverford
  88. Butternut, chocolate and toasted pecan cake, by Sainsbury’s
  89. Butternut dauphinoise, by BBC goodfood
  90. Butternut, maple & pecan lattice pie, by BBC goodfood
  91. Butternut, sage & hazelnut quiche, by BBC goodfood
  92. Butternut squash and blue cheese tarts, by Sainsbury’s
  93. Butternut squash and goat’s cheese galette with caramelised onions and pea pesto, by Sainsbury’s
  94. Butternut squash and red pepper soup, by Sainsbury’s
  95. Butternut squash & sage risotto, by BBC goodfood
  96. Butternut squash lasagne, by Sainsbury’s
  97. Butternut squash mac and cheese, by Sainsbury’s
  98. Butternut squash muffins with a frosty top, by Jamie Oliver
  99. Butternut squash pasta with sage, by Goodto
  100. Butternut squash risotto, by Sainsbury’s
  101. Butternut squash, sage and Comte risotto, by love FOOD
  102. Butternut squash soup, by Knorr
  103. Butternut squash soup with chilli & creme fraiche, by BBC goodfood
  104. Butternut squash soup with sage sandwiches, by Sainsbury’s
  105. Butternut squash tarte tatin, by BBC goodfood
  106. Butternut squash tikka masala, by Goodto
  107. Cabbage and potato cake, by Riverford (this is a family favourite, incredibly easy, cheap and delicious)
  108. Cabbage, chorizo and potato hash, by Riverford
  109. Cabbage, onion and dolcelatte tian, by Riverford (dolcelatte can be replaced by any blue cheese)
  110. Cabbage with bacon, apples and cider, by Delia online
  111. Cambodian wedding day dip, by River Cottage (mushroom-based)
  112. Candied yams with bourbon, by The Chunky Chef
  113. Caramel apple sangria (apple pie sangria), by THE cookie rookie
  114. Caramelised-onion pizzettes with fig and gorgonzola, by MiNDFOOD
  115. Carrot and apricot breakfast bars, by River Cottage
  116. Carrot and coriander soup, by BBC FOOD
  117. Carrot and sultana cake with creamy orange frosting, by BBC FOOD
  118. Carrot cornbread, by River Cottage
  119. Carrot cupcakes, by Jamie Oliver
  120. Carrot halva, by Riverford
  121. Carrot, walnuts and thyme soda bread, by Riverford
  122. Castagnaccio, by River Cottage
  123. Cavolo nero, leek and potato soup with parmesan croutons, by The Guardian (Thomasina Miers)
  124. Cavolo nero with spelt and walnuts, by The Guardian (Meera Sodha)
  125. Celeriac and bramley apple soup, by Sainsbury’s
  126. Cheat’s cranberry sauce, by Jamie Oliver
  127. Cheddar sage biscuits, by two peas and their pods
  128. Cheesy autumn mushrooms, by BBC goodfood
  129. Cheesy bacon butternut squash, by delish
  130. Cheesy sweet potato nachos, by
  131. Chestnut gravy, by Jamie Oliver
  132. Chestnut macaroons, by River Cottage
  133. Chestnut mushroom and leek pies, by Morrisons
  134. Chestnut, mushrooms and potato soup, by The Guardian (Rachel Roddy)
  135. Chestnut, sweet potato & apple stuffing, by MiNDFOOD
  136. Chicken and mushroom casserole with cider, by River Cottage
  137. Chicken, butternut squash and peanut curry, by Sainsbury’s
  138. Chicken, cider and apple casserole, by BBC FOOD
  139. Chicken, leek and mushroom pie, by Sainsbury’s
  140. Chicken, leek & mushroom pies, by BBC goodfood
  141. Chicken, pumpkin, cheese and spinach calzone, by MiNDFOOD
  142. Chicken, quince and pomegranate tagine with couscous, by Country Life
  143. Chicken thighs with red onion, apple and chestnuts, by love FOOD
  144. Chicken with creamy mushroom sauce, by BBC FOOD
  145. Chinese plum sauce, by Riverford
  146. Chocolate and beetroot brownies, by River Cottage
  147. Chocolate and orange potato cake, by Riverford
  148. Chocolate pumpkin brulee pie, by Jamie Oliver
  149. Chunky apple cake, by Delia online
  150. Chunky mushroom soup, by BBC FOOD
  151. Classic pecan pie, by The Chunky Chef
  152. Classic pumpkin pie with pecan and maple cream, by BBC goodfood
  153. Classic stuffed peppers, by delish
  154. Classic tortilla, by The Guardian (Nieves Barragan Mohacho)
  155. Condensed cream of mushroom soup, by The Chunky Chef
  156. Cranberry pop, by Morrisons
  157. Cream of mushroom soup, by delish
  158. Cream of potato and turnip soup, by Riverford
  159. Creamy broccoli soup, by Morrisons
  160. Creamy coconut beef and pumpkin curry, by
  161. Creamy mushroom and squash pancake rolls, by Sainsbury’s
  162. Creamy mushroom soup, by love FOOD
  163. Creamy mushroom soup, by River Cottage
  164. Creamy mushroom vol-au-vents, by BBC FOOD
  165. Creamy pork & pear cassoulet, by BBC goodfood
  166. Creamy pumpkin pasta, by BBC goodfood
  167. Creamy pumpkin soup with grilled cheese croutons, by delish
  168. Creole potatoes, by Riverford
  169. Crockpot apple cider (caramel apple cider), by THE cookie rookie
  170. Crock-pot chicken noodle, by delish
  171. Crown prince pumpkin & chestnut soup, by house & garden
  172. Crown prince squash steaks with warm hummus, by Riverford
  173. Curried pumpkin soup with chicken, by
  174. Curtis Stone’s cheesy broccoli pasta bake, by
  175. Custard apple crumble pots, by Morrisons
  176. Damson and almond pie, by The Guardian (Ravneet Gill)
  177. Damson and lemon crunch, by Goodto
  178. Damson crumble, by BBC goodfood (do remove the stones, it’s not that hard)
  179. Damson gin, by BBC goodfood
  180. Delicata squash & harissa tarte tatin, by Riverdorf
  181. Diana Henry’s chicken with leeks, apples and cider, by delicious.
  182. Dorset apple cake, by BBC FOOD
  183. Double bubble sweet potato gratin, by Sainsbury’s
  184. Duck breast fillet on poached leeks with currants, by MiNDFOOD
  185. Early autumn minestrone (minestrone d’inizio autunno), by Jamie Oliver
  186. Easy French onion soup, by BBC FOOD
  187. Easy microwave apple crumble, by allrecipes
  188. Easy mini pumpkin cinnamon rolls, by two peas & their pods
  189. Easy pumpkin oatmeal (pumpkin pie microwave oatmeal), by THE cookie rookie
  190. Eggs Florentine with roasted mushrooms, by Riverford
  191. Elderberry cordial with honey, by allrecipes
  192. English apple and almond trifle with Calvados, by delia online
  193. Fennel, leek and squash gratin with tarragon and hazelnuts, by BBC FOOD
  194. Fig preserves, by allrecipes
  195. Fig, walnut and maple-syrup cheesecake, by Country Life
  196. Five-root soup with bacon, by River Cottage
  197. Flammkuchen (Alsatian pizza), by allrecipes
  198. Flapjack apple crumble, by BBC FOOD
  199. Four-grain coconut porridge with autumnal fruit, by Jamie Oliver
  200. French toast with apples, by Riverford
  201. Fried chicken breast with pumpkin pickle, by BBC FOOD
  202. Fried wild mushrooms with creamy semolina & thick-cut bacon, by MiNDFOOD
  203. Gluten-free carrot cake with cinnamon-and-maple mascarpone frosting, by Country Life
  204. Gluten-free crumble, by Riverford
  205. Golden squash curry, by love FOOD
  206. Grandma’s apple pie, by coley cooks
  207. Greek-style beef stew, by Knorr
  208. Griddled cinnamon pears, by Sainsbury’s
  209. Grilled beetroot with labneh and dill, by River Cottage
  210. Grilled leeks in lemony marinade, by Riverford
  211. Grilled mushroom risotto, by Jamie Oliver
  212. Hairy Bikers pickled pears, by Goodto
  213. Hairy Bikers’ pumpkin fritters, by Goodto
  214. Halloween pumpkin cake, by River Cottage
  215. Ham, mushroom and chestnut pie, by Sainsbury’s
  216. Harvest bowls, by delish
  217. Harvest chicken casserole, by delish
  218. Hazelnut and orange biscotti, by BBC FOOD
  219. Herby apple barley, by River Cottage
  220. Harvest sausage stuffing with pecans and cranberries , by The Chunky Chef
  221. Hawthorn ‘ketchup’, by allrecipes
  222. Healthy cabbage rolls, by MiNDFOOD
  223. Hedgerow jelly, by BBC FOOD (I like using less sugar and adding some chia seeds)
  224. Herby stuffed field mushrooms, by Sainsbury’s
  225. Himmel und erde, by Riverford (apple and potato side dish)
  226. Homemade apple pie vodka (plus apple pie spritzer), by THE cookie rookie
  227. Honey glazed pumpkin banana bread, by The Chunky Chef
  228. Hot mulled apple juice, by allrecipes
  229. How to cook acorn squash, by delish
  230. How to cook beetroot, by BBC FOOD
  231. How to cook kale, by BBC FOOD
  232. How to make chestnut hummus, by MiNDFOOD
  233. How to make chestnut liqueur, by The Guardian
  234. How to make Michael Caines’s curried carrot soup, by Country Life
  235. How to make Normandy chicken, by Country Life
  236. How to make perfect sloe gin, by Country Life
  237. How to make quince-and-walnut crumble cake, by Country Life
  238. How to make salted-caramel, apple and roasted-hazelnut galette, by Country Life
  239. How to make sloe gin, by Goodto
  240. How to remove seeds from a pumpkin, by allrecipes
  241. How to roast pumpkin seeds, by Jamie Oliver
  242. Incredible mulled cider, by Jamie Oliver
  243. Indian-spiced sweet potato cakes, by Sainsbury’s
  244. Israeli couscous harvest salad, by The Chunky Chef
  245. Italian sausage, pear & sweet potato bake, by MiNDFOOD
  246. Jamie’s turkey, pork & cranberry pie, by Jamie Oliver
  247. Jerk roasted pumpkin seeds, by coley cooks
  248. Jerusalem artichoke broth, by BBC FOODS
  249. Kaddo bourani, by Riverford (roasted squash with a meat sauce)
  250. Kale and brussels sprouts salad with butternut squash, pomegranate, and candied pecans, by two peas & their pod
  251. Kale, pak choy and broccoli with garlic fried rice, by love FOOD
  252. Lamb cutlets with fig, rocket, goat’s cheese & walnut salad, by MiNDFOOD
  253. Lamb stuffed sweet potato, by The Guardian (Nigel Slater)
  254. Leek and butternut squash soup, by Delia online
  255. Leek and cheese crumble, by Goodto
  256. Leek and potato soup, by Goodto
  257. Leek and sun-dried tomato frittata, by Riverford
  258. Leek cannelloni, by Sainsbury’s
  259. Leek pasty, by Riverford
  260. Leek, potato, mustard and dill tortilla with broccoli and toasted almonds, by Riverford
  261. Leeks in cheese sauce with rosemary fried crumbs, by Riverford
  262. Leeks vinaigrette, by Riverford
  263. Leek tarte tatin, by MiNDFOOD
  264. Leftover squash pancakes, by Jamie Oliver
  265. Lemon-rosemary chicken with roasted broccolini, by CountryLiving
  266. Lesley Water’s apple and cheese scone loaf, by Goodto
  267. Luscious date pecan squares, by allrecipes
  268. Maple pumpkin autumn salad dressing, by THE cookie rookie
  269. Maple roasted butternut squash & apple salad, by two peas & their pod
  270. Maple-roasted squash with pecans, by BBC goodfood
  271. Marinated mushroom-and-charred broccolini salad, by CountryLiving
  272. Masala chai, by allrecipes
  273. Membrillo, by Riverford
  274. Middle Eastern eggplant salad, by
  275. Mini apple pie bites, by Morrisons
  276. Mini chestnut, apple and spinach Wellingtons, by BBC FOOD
  277. Miso, mushroom & brisket pie, by BBC goodfood
  278. Moroccan spiced carrot dip, by Riverford
  279. Mulled pear cider, by delicious
  280. Mulled wine pear tart, by Goodto
  281. Mulligatawny soup, by BBC FOOD
  282. Mushrooms a la Grecque, by Riverford
  283. Mushroom and ale pie topped with sweet potato mash, by Sainsbury’s
  284. Mushroom and chestnut pies with garlic crouton crust, by Sainsbury’s
  285. Mushroom and chestnut soup with truffle oil, by Sainsbury’s
  286. Mushroom and leek tart with apple salad, by Riverford
  287. Mushroom and thyme risotto, by Sainsbury’s
  288. Mushroom barley soup, by two peas & their pod
  289. Mushroom bhaji, by BBC FOOD
  290. Mushroom, chestnut and squash filo pie, by BBC FOOD
  291. Mushroom mince & pumpkin pasta, by Sainsbury’s
  292. Mushroom pate, by River Cottage
  293. Mushroom ragu with sweet potato tagliatelle, by Sainsbury’s
  294. Mushroom risotto with meatballs, by Sainsbury’s
  295. Mushroom salad, by Sainsbury’s
  296. Mushrooms, kale and barley with fresh herbs and baked eggs, by Riverford
  297. Mushroom stroganoff, by Sainsbury’s
  298. North African squash and chickpea stew, by river Cottage
  299. Oatmeal pumpkin Dutch baby, by coley cooks
  300. One-pan pilaf with butternut squash, apricots and almonds, by BBC FOOD
  301. One-pot creamy chicken and mushroom carbonara, by
  302. One-pot mushroom pasta, by love FOOD
  303. One-pot sausage casserole with garlic breadcrumbs, by BBC goodfood
  304. Onion bhaji and raita, by Riverford
  305. Panackelty, by Riverford
  306. Pan-fried celeriac and spiced kale couscous, by Riverford
  307. Papushka’s borscht, by The Guardian (Olia Hercules)
  308. Parkin, by BBC goodfood
  309. Parkin, by Morrisons
  310. Parsnip and leek curry with apple salad, by Riverford
  311. Parsnip and leek risotto with poached eggs, by Riverford
  312. Parsnip and toasted cumin soup with parsnip chips, by Morrisons
  313. Parsnip and pear soup, by Morrisons
  314. Patatas a lo pobre, by Riverford (we love this one with a fried egg on the top)
  315. Peanut butter apple bars, by two peas & their pod
  316. Pear and almond tart, by Riverford
  317. Pear & blackberry crumbles, by BBC goodfood
  318. Pear & blackberry crumble with bay leaf custard, by BBC goodfood
  319. Pear and blue cheese flatbread, by two peas & their pod
  320. Pear & chocolate flapjack crumble, by BBC goodfood
  321. Pear & hazelnut clafoutis, by BBC goodfood
  322. Pear + leek galette with goat cheese + walnuts, by coley cooks
  323. Pear and parsnip cake, by Sainsbury’s
  324. Pear butter, by allrecipes
  325. Pear frangipane tart, by Goodto
  326. Pear hazelnut tart, by allrecipes
  327. Pears in ginger syrup, by allrecipes
  328. Pear tart with fig, honey and nut ice-cream, by MiNDFOOD
  329. Pecan coffee & maple syrup cake, by house & garden
  330. Persian mushroom salad, by Riverford
  331. Persimmon and pomegranate salad, by allrecipes
  332. Persimmon cookies, by two peas and their pods
  333. Pesto stuffed spaghetti squash with breadcrumbs & mozzarella, by Riverford
  334. Pheasant braised with leeks, cider & apples, by BBC goodfood
  335. Phil Vickery’s apple crumble, by Goodto
  336. Pickled figs, by The Guardian (Nigel Slater)
  337. Pickled pears, by allrecipes
  338. Pierogies with sausage, cabbage & pear, by CountryLiving
  339. Plum cake, by Goodto
  340. Plum compote, by BBC FOOD
  341. Plum pudding cake, by BBC FOOD
  342. Plum tarte tatin with spiced red-wine glaze, by house & garden
  343. Plum, walnut & star anise crostata with brown sugar mascarpone, by MiNDFOOD
  344. Poached bottled pears, by Sainsbury’s
  345. Poisoned apple cider cocktail, by The Chunky Chef
  346. Potato and mushroom bake, by Sainsbury’s
  347. Potato, celeriac and apple curry, by Riverford
  348. Potato, fennel and apple gratin, by Morrisons
  349. Potato pancakes, by Knorr
  350. Pork and apple cider bake with polenta dumplings, by MiNDFOOD
  351. Pork and eggplant parmigiana, by
  352. Pork chops with sloe sauce and Savoy cabbage, by BBC FOOD
  353. Pork cutlets with roasted plums, by MiNDFOOD
  354. Pork escalope with apples and walnuts, by The Guardian (NIgel Slater)
  355. Pork, leek & mushroom stir fry with wonton wafers, By MiNDFOOD
  356. Portobello toad in the hole with red onion gravy and squash mash, hy Riverford
  357. Prawn and sweet potato noodle stir-fry, by
  358. Pumpkin alfredo pasta, by delish
  359. Pumpkin & bacon soup, by BBC goodfood
  360. Pumpkin and chilli spaghetti, by Riverford
  361. Pumpkin and coconut sweet (doce de abobora com coco), by allrecipes
  362. Pumpkin & ginger soup, by Jamie Oliver
  363. Pumpkin and ginger soup, by Sainsbury’s
  364. Pumpkin and nutmeg tart, by BBC FOOD
  365. Pumpkin and roasted garlic houmous, by Sainsbury’s
  366. Pumpkin baked oatmeal, by two peas & their pod
  367. Pumpkin bread, by Riverford
  368. Pumpkin brownies, by THE cookie rookie
  369. Pumpkin cheesecake, by BBC goodfood
  370. Pumpkin cheesecake with brown butter gingersnap crust, by two peas & their pod
  371. Pumpkin, chickpea & coconut curry, by Jamie Oliver
  372. Pumpkin chili, by Morrisons
  373. Pumpkin chili, by allrecipes
  374. Pumpkin chocolate chip bars, by two peas & their pods
  375. Pumpkin chocolate chip bread, by two peas & their pod
  376. Pumpkin-chorizo pizza, by CountryLiving
  377. Pumpkin chutney, by allrecipes
  378. Pumpkin creme brulee, by The Chunky Chef
  379. Pumpkin energy balls, by two peas & their pod
  380. Pumpkin farro risotto with sage and pesto, by Sainsbury’s
  381. Pumpkin, fennel & Taleggio galette, by BBC goodfood
  382. Pumpkin, feta and pine nut filo layer pie, by delicious.
  383. Pumpkin gingersnap cookies, by two peas & their pod
  384. Pumpkin lemon cream, by allrecipes
  385. Pumpkin mac and cheese (baked mac and cheese with bacon), by THE cookie rookie
  386. Pumpkin marmalade, by Riverford
  387. Pumpkin muffins, by BBC goodfood
  388. Pumpkin pie, by Jamie Oliver
  389. Pumpkin pie bars (with shortbread crust), by The Chunky Chef
  390. Pumpkin pie punch, by THE cookie rookie
  391. Pumpkin pie s’mores, by BBC goodfood
  392. Pumpkin pie with pecan crumble, by Jamie Oliver
  393. Pumpkin pizza with crispy sage, by two peas & their pod
  394. Pumpkin preserve, by allrecipes
  395. Pumpkin rice, by Jamie Oliver
  396. Pumpkin, sage and sausage pizza, by Sainsbury’s
  397. Pumpkin scones, by Morrisons
  398. Pumpkin scones, by two peas & their pod
  399. Pumpkin s’mores cookies, by house & garden
  400. Pumpkin snickerdoodles, by two peas & their pod
  401. Pumpkin spice bread, by house & garden
  402. Pumpkin spice celebration cake, by Sainsbury’s
  403. Pumpkin spice hot chocolate, by The Chunky Chef
  404. Pumpkin spice white Russian cocktail, by THE cookie rookie
  405. Pumpkin soup, by delish
  406. Pumpkin spice latte, by The Chunky Chef
  407. Pumpkin spice syrup, by BBC goodfood
  408. Pumpkin Swiss roll, by allrecipes
  409. Pumpkin tiramisu, by coley cooks
  410. Pumpkin waffles with apple syrup, by allrecipes
  411. Pumpkin Wellingtons with kale pesto and beetroot, by MiNDFOOD
  412. Pumpkin wine, by allrecipes
  413. Puy lentils, squash & kale, by BBC goodfood
  414. Quick braised red cabbage sausages and apples recipe, by love FOOD
  415. Quince jelly, by Goodto
  416. Quince pie, by allrecipes
  417. Quince vodka, by allrecipes
  418. Raw vegan pumpkin cheesecake, by coley cooks
  419. Red cabbage with apples and sultanas, by Good to
  420. Ricotta pear cake with rosemary + orange, by coley cooks
  421. Roast beetroot and apple soup, by Sainsbury’s
  422. Roast carrot & fennel soup, by Jamie Oliver
  423. Roast chicken, squash and leek filo pie, by Sainsbury’s
  424. Roasted aubergine with pomegranate and yogurt, by house & garden
  425. Roasted butternut squash soup, by delish
  426. Roasted butternut squash with cider vinaigrette, by CountryLiving
  427. Roasted butternut squash with garlic and parsley, by Sainsbury’s
  428. Roasted fennel, aubergine and sausages with harissa, by Sainsbury’s
  429. Roasted mushroom and bacon Dutch baby, by CountryLiving
  430. Roasted pear and cranberry brussels sprouts, by two peas & a pod
  431. Roasted pumpkin and sage souffle, by Sainsbury’s
  432. Roasted pumpkin, leek & goat’s cheese cannelloni, by MiNDFOOD
  433. Roasted pumpkin pasta, by
  434. Roasted pumpkin with mushrooms, by Morrisons
  435. Roasted quince cheesecake, by MiNDFOOD
  436. Roasted squash and apple salad with goat’s cheese, by Sainsbury’s
  437. Roasted squash, blue cheese and leek risotto with walnuts, by Riverford
  438. Roasted squash hummus, by Riverford
  439. Roasted squash with chestnuts, by Sainsbury’s
  440. Roasted squash (zucca al forno), by Jamie Oliver
  441. Roasted sweet potato, pistachio and pomegranate salad, by Sainsbury’s
  442. Roasted sweet potatoes, yams, and brussels sprouts with fresh rosemary, by two peas & their pod
  443. Roast mushrooms and beetroot maftoul, by Riverford
  444. Roast pork belly with apple, sour cherry and fennel chutney, by Sainsbury’s
  445. Roast quince fool with madeira, by BBC goodfood
  446. Roast squash, sage and hazelnut orecchiette, by delicious.
  447. Roast squash with goat’s cheese, by woman & home
  448. Roast squash with goat’s cheese & puy lentils, by BBC goodfood
  449. Roast venison loin with pumpkin & Sichuan salt, by BBC goodfood
  450. Romanian marinated mushrooms, by Riverford
  451. Root veg and blue cheese pasties, by Riverford
  452. Rosemary brown butter pecan ice cream, by coley cooks
  453. Rosemary focaccia, by house and garden
  454. Rosemary sea salt pretzels with rosemary cheddar cheese sauce, by two peas & their pod
  455. Rustic harvest fruit tart, by BBC goodfood
  456. Sage and butternut squash roll, by Sainsbury’s
  457. Sage, mushroom and Gruyere tart, by Sainsbury’s
  458. Salmon & brussels sprout salad, by MiNDFOOD
  459. Sausages with parsnip apple mash, by Goodto
  460. Saucy hedgerow ketchup, by River Cottage
  461. Savoury pumpkin granola, by Sainsbury’s
  462. Savoury pumpkin pie, by allrecipes
  463. Scottish girolle mushrooms with thyme, spinach gnocchi and hazelnut crumb, by Country Life
  464. Shaved brussels sprouts salad, by CountryLiving
  465. Slow cooker lamb and sweet potato tagine, by BBC FOOD
  466. Slow-cooker Persian lamb, by
  467. Slow-cooker pork and apple pot roast, by
  468. Slow cooker sticky toffee pudding, by BBC goodfood
  469. Smashing pumpkin fizz, by house & garden
  470. Smoky paprika pork chops with caramelised onions & mushroom, by MiNDFOOD
  471. Smothered pork chops with broccoli and mushrooms, by CountryLiving
  472. Soft polenta with mushrooms and consomme, by MiNDFOOD
  473. South African sweet pumpkin fritters, by allrecipes
  474. Spanish potato & blue cheese tortilla with buttery mushrooms, by MiNDFOOD
  475. Spanish tortilla with sweet potato, green pepper and chorizo, by Sainsbury’s
  476. Sparholt apple curd, by allrecipes
  477. Sparkling pomegranate & hibiscus mocktail, by Sainsbury’s
  478. Spelt risotto, by MiNDFOOD
  479. Spiced apple and custard tart, by Sainsbury’s
  480. Spiced apple and rum buns, by The Guardian (Benjamina Ebuehi)
  481. Spiced apple and syrup sponge puddings, by Goodto
  482. Spiced apple muffin cake with pecan streusel topping, by Delia online
  483. Spiced apple pancakes, by delish
  484. Spiced autumn punch, by allrecipes
  485. Spiced celeriac soup with za’atar, by Riverford (includes za’atar recipe)
  486. Spiced chicken butternut couscous, by Sainsbury’s
  487. Spiced honey roasted pumpkin seeds, by The Chunky Chef
  488. Spiced pear chutney, by BBC goodfood
  489. Spiced pumpkin & coffee tarts, by Jamie Oliver
  490. Spiced shepherd’s pie with a squash and sweet potato mash, by Sainsbury’s
  491. Spiced squash and fruit loaf, by Sainsbury’s
  492. Spiced squash and lentil broth with warm pittas, by Riverford
  493. Spiced squash and mixed grain bowl, by Sainsbury’s
  494. Spiced squash, apple and cider soup, by Riverford
  495. Spiced sweet potato and lentil soup, by Sainsbury’s
  496. Spicy parsnip and carrot soup, by Sainsbury’s
  497. Spicy pumpkin risotto, by Goodto
  498. Spicy squash & apple chutney, by BBC goodfood
  499. Spicy squash salad, by BBC FOOD
  500. Spicy squash soup, by Jamie Oliver
  501. Squash & barley salad with balsamic vinaigrette, by BBC goodfood
  502. Squash and chestnut pasta with crispy sage and garlic, by Riverford
  503. Squash and rosemary tagliatelle with creme fraiche and nutmeg, by Riverford
  504. Squash and sheep’s cheese gnocchi with garlic and rosemary, by Riverford
  505. Squash casserole, by CountryLiving
  506. Squash, chilli and brussels sprout spelt bowl, by Riverford
  507. Squash, kale and stilton pie, by Riverford
  508. Squash laksa with noodles, by Riverford
  509. Squash, lemon and almond muffins, by Riverford
  510. Squash, radicchio & pear with ricotta & hazelnuts, by Riverford
  511. Squash, sage & chestnut rolls, by Jamie Oliver
  512. Squash, sage & sourdough bake, by BBC goodfood
  513. Squash, stilton & walnut rolls, by Jamie Oliver
  514. Squashy bottom soup bowls with leeks and crouton dippers, by Riverford
  515. Steak, mushroom and ale pie, by BBC FOOD
  516. Stewed apples, by Goodto
  517. Sticky ginger skillet parkin, by BBC goodfood
  518. Sticky toffee poached pear cake, by delicious.
  519. Stuffed butternut squash with chipotle chicken, by Sainsbury’s
  520. Stuffed portobello mushrooms with farro, butternut squash, and kale, by two peas & their pod
  521. Stuffed pumpkin, by BBC goodfood
  522. Sumac roasted squash salad, by Riverford
  523. Sussex pond pudding with apples, by BBC FOOD
  524. Sweet potato and chicken hotpot, by Sainsbury’s
  525. Sweet potato and kale grilled cheese, by two peas & their pod
  526. Sweet potato chaat, by BBC FOOD
  527. Sweet potato fish pie, by Morrisons
  528. Sweet potato galettes, by Sainsbury’s
  529. Sweet potato gumbo with cornbread muffins, by BBC FOOD
  530. Sweet potato, kale, and goat cheese frittata, by two peas & their pod
  531. Sweet potato rosemary biscuits, by two peas & their pod
  532. Sweet potato waffles with apple cider syrup, by Sainsbury’s
  533. Swirled butternut squash, feta and sage loaf, by delicious.
  534. Tabouli-stuffed roasted eggplant, by
  535. The best hot chocolate, by delicious.
  536. Tiddy oggy, by Goodto (apple and pear pasty)
  537. Toffee apples, by Morrisons
  538. Toffee apple and pear strudel, by Sainsbury’s
  539. Toffee apple bread & butter pudding, by BBC goodfood
  540. Torta ta San Martin, by allrecipes (dried fruit and nut cake)
  541. Tuna patties with brussels slaw, by MiNDFOOD
  542. Turkey pot pies with bacon, caramelized onions + butternut squash, by coley cooks
  543. Turkish candied squash, by Riverford
  544. Turkish poached sweet and sour leeks, by Riverford
  545. Vegan butternut, Brussels sprout and chestnut pie, by Sainsbury’s
  546. Vegan plum panna cotta, by Goodto
  547. Vegan slow-cooker pulled veg, by
  548. Vegan spiced pumpkin layer cake, by house & garden
  549. Venison sausage and wild mushroom traybake, by love FOOD
  550. Veronica’s beetroot and chocolate muffins, by Goodto
  551. Warm salad of mushrooms and roasted squash, by River Cottage
  552. Whole wheat apple cinnamon pancakes with cinnamon syrup, by two peas & their pod
  553. Wholewheat penne with pumpkin, rosemary & pine nuts, by house & garden
  554. Wild mushroom and barley risotto, by Sainsbury’s
  555. Wild rice & Brussels sprout super salad, by Jamie Oliver
  556. Winter squash salad with feta and caramelised onions, by allrecipes