Limited palette MIXED MEDIA art challenge #4: pale spring colours and maroon

Number 4, and probably the one before last. I think I’ve learnt as much as I can from these now.

Check the first post if you’d like to see an explanation of what’s going on here.

Challenge #04

Palette number 4:

I could tell before starting that this was going to be hard. I’m not much of a fan of pastel colours.

Piece 01

Media: oil pastels, fineliner, ribbon.

I used to draw lots of Celtic knots, I’m a massive fan of them. I don’t think I’ve done one in almost 15 years! So I kept this one simple. My hand is a lot shakier now than it used to be (thanks chronic illnesses!), but I still really like the result. I especially like the colour gradient.

Pieces 02

Media: mixed fabrics, yarn, mercerised cotton thread, stickers, buttons, beads, rickrack

I like this one, even if it’s so cutesy. All of these fabrics came from some of my daughter’s old clothes. The seed stitch took forever, as it often does. I did more stitches than I usually do when slow stitching, and that’s the only thing I would change. For me, less is definitely more when it comes to slow stitching.

Piece 03

Media: acrylic paints, buttons, sequins, mercerised cotton thread, beads, ribbon, yarn, stickers, felt tip pens, pencils

I decided to try my hand at another mandala, but mixing in drawing, collage and sewing. I absolutely love the result. The background look great too.

Piece 04

Media: mixed fabrics, mercerised cotton thread, sewing thread, ribbon, rickrack, sequins, beads, card stock frame

Another slightly crowded slow stitch piece. I’m trying different styles and materials. I like it, but it’s a bit too much for my taste. My daughter who is very much a maximalist, loves it.

Piece 05

Media: paper, pencils, felt tip pens, acrylic paint, oil pastels

A kinda sorta mixed media mandalaish . I like the idea, but I hate how uneven the outside petals are, my shaky hand ruined it. I really like doing mandalas, but I get very annoyed at how shaky I am.

Pieces 06, 07, 08, 09, and 10

Media: acrylic paint, mixed papers, oil pastels, mercerised cotton thread, stickers, felt tip pens

I had to restrain myself and not just create a whole bunch of master boards for this challenge! I love this way of making things. I like the mix of control and surprise of the process, the textures you can create and the interesting compositions you can create.

The little embroidered flowers were added after cutting.

Pieces 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15

Media: mixed papers, watercolours, acrylic paints, acrylic marker, glitter glue, mercerised cotton thread, beads, fun fur yarn, paper flowers

Another set of master board pieces. Not a fan of this one. I tried some things, and they didn’t work out. I basically pushed myself to use some of the materials I had been avoiding while making the other pieces. I love the embroidered bits, and I’m OK with the collage. I think it’s the pink lines, the glitter glue, and the blue clusters are my main issue with these.


I struggled with this colour combination, and I think it shows.

It was fun doing a Celtic knot again, and trying some new things when it came to mandalas and slow stitching. Even the ones that didn’t end up great were good learning opportunities.