BRINING: why and how

If you think brining is only for your Christmas turkey, think again!
Brining is a very easy way to make the most out of cheaper cuts of meat and even make fish and vegetables taste better. And cheese? You might be surprised to hear that cheese can also be brined!
With this guide you can learn how to become a brining master step-by-step.

Non-wheat flours: TIPS and RECIPE ROUNDUP (oat, coconut, rice, rye, spelt, buckwheat, chickpea, almond, cornmeal, teff, sorghum, quinoa) – 360+ sweet and savoury recipes

Flour is one of the basic ingredients everyone should keep at home to maximise their cooking potential. Luckily, regular wheat flour is not the option out there! This post is a roundup of fantastic recipes from around the web that feature 12 flours that even if they are if a little harder to use and find, are well worth the effort!

What is SLOW LIVING? And why should I even care?

Slow living is a lifestyle that focuses on slowing down. Not in the sense of speed, but in the sense of taking your time to do things instead of rushing around.
The slow living movement has been growing for a while, but the pandemic we are going through has meant that many people have suddenly had to reassess their lives, figure out what really matters, and many have ended up discovering alternative ways of living.
If you are one of those people: welcome!