ZERO waste and LOW waste fashion

Zero waste and low waste fashion - Embers on the hearth

This is mostly a collection of resources that those interested in zero waste and low waste fashion can use to get started and start their research.

Resources for zero and low waste fashion are scarce and hard to find so if these are topics you are interested in, bookmark this page because I will be adding more as I come across new information and people who work in this area.

And please, share any resources you find in the comments (shameless self-promotion welcome if related to zero or low waste fashion).


What is zero waste and low waste fashion?

This might seem like a simple question, but the answer is quite complex. In short, zero waste and low waste fashion both try to diminish and limit the amount of waste that comes from producing clothes. This goes all the way from fiber production (whether natural or synthetic) to disposal of old clothes, and includes all the steps in between.

Consumers, can usually only control where they buy their clothing items, how they use them and care for them, and how they dispose once they can’t be used anymore. Designers and producers can usually go a step forward and affect how materials are used and disposed of.

Reaching full zero waste fashion might be impossible, however it can be a goal while low waste is implemented.




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