Art therapy: benefits and how to do it at home (60+ ideas to try)

If you scroll through my posts, you’ll see that I enjoy art. I am not an artist by any means. I’m actually not great at it. But that doesn’t matter.
We’ve been taught to see art as a finished project, when the reality is much more complex than that.
Art is all about the process. And that makes art an incredible tool when it comes to mental health.

Free 25-page Spring Reading digikit for journaling, planners, and mixed media collaging

Hope you enjoy this free digikit all about Spring reading. Lots of flowers, lots of books, and lots of images and text for you to use in your creative endeavours.
These can be used for traditional journal, junk journaling, art journaling, bullet journaling, planners, mixed media, collage, and anything else you can think of! Make sure to share your creations with me either by sending me an email or tagging me on instagram @embersonthehearth

Limited palette mixed media art challenge: black, purple, navy blue, bright blue

Over time I have accumulated a variety of art material, mostly of mixed media variety including a lot of fabric and yarn. It’s not a massive stash, it all fits in a box that could be hidden under bed (think large travel bag). Considering that I have to artsy-crafty kids, one of which wants to be an artist, and I crochet and sew, the amount is not that much. But it bothers me. It annoys me that I have so many things that I like that I am not using. Hence this challenge!
If you happen to land here, feel free to join in and share what you’re doing.